Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Life in Cartoons

Most days, I feel like I am stuck in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

I have taken on my role as referee and am already tired of it, even though I know this is just the beginning; having children ranging in age of only 2 1/2 - 7 1/2. Can't wait for the teenagers... Oh, and Ethan has chosen wrestling as his extracurricular activity, meaning he spends his Monday evenings learning how to more effectively pin his brothers to the ground. For the record, my vote was for piano...

But lately, I have found myself in another cartoon entirely.

Sleeping Beauty.

Mason has always had a difficult personality, that is to say, he's been more stubborn than either of my other boys and as a result, he and I "fight". A lot. He's also a very smart little weasel and at 2 1/2 speaks much better than his brother's did at his age. Meaning, I find myself actually arguing with a toddler. Daily.

Our latest battle began when we put up the Christmas tree. We got a new pre-lit tree from Costco that I have been wanting for a while now. This year's model however, had an unexpected feature:

The lights have a foot switch that enable them to toggle between white and colored lights. As a general rule, I prefer "pretty" trees. I don't like colored lights on a tree except in certain circumstances. Circumstances that do not currently exist in my home. The first night that we put it up, we let the boys see both the colored and the white lights and do all the proper ooh-ing and ah-ing. When it was over, I turned the lights back to white and admired a job well done. That is the last time I looked upon my beautiful tree, thanks to Mr. Merryweather himself.

Merry multi-colored Christmas!

**The picture does not accurately display just how badly the lights clash with the decor. Promise.


  1. I always love your decorations (your house, Christmas decor, etc.)! One thing is for certain, that fight won't last forever and as I have to keep reminding myself - enjoy it while it lasts. We "fight" with the kids about their wanting to sleep on the floor in our bedroom at night (among other things) and although they usually start out in their own beds, they CLAIM they get scared in the night and end up on the floor next to our bed very regularly lately. Of course, I don't want this to be too habit forming, I also have to remind myself that SOMEDAY they won't want to sit on my lap, sleep by my bed, or even want to allow me into their rooms so I guess I should just enjoy some of these things while they last. With that in mind, I consistently return to these similar ideas President Monson expresses in his Conference talk "Enjoy The Journey". But ooo, it's trying isn't it!? Especially when you've got that beautiful tree JUST right! :)

  2. For the record, I like pretty trees too. I'm getting a small tree for upstairs so the girls can put all their random ornaments on.