Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 8

Everyone has traditions for the holidays. Most of mine center around food. For example, food like this:

Which is exactly what I woke up to on Wednesday! I was happy because just the night before, we were at the mall, and walked past a Hickory Farms pop-up stand and I suggested that we get some Summer Sausage for Christmas Eve to which Josh made a face and shrugged his shoulders and said, "Nah.". I was a little hurt, thinking that he had never told me that he didn't like one of my traditions and inwardly sulked a little. Little did I know, he does like my tradition, and had just so happened to receive this gift box in the White Elephant exchange at his work Christmas party.

Of course, that surprised me, because I had asked him what he had gotten in the exchange the Friday before and he LIED! He came in with a Tuna MRE and said that "... it was between that or a bottle of booze. At least food storage might be useful.". Turns out, the Tuna MRE was left over from his C4 course the beginning of December and he had pulled it out of the trunk, knowing that he'd have to come home with something. I think that my husband is a lot more crafty than I give him credit for.

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