Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man Cave

"A man cave (also sometimes mantuary[1]) is a male sanctuary,[2] such as a specially equipped garage,[3] spare bedroom,[2] media room,[4] den,[5] or basement.[5][6]"

I can see the beauty of a man cave. My oldest child, however, seems to have taken the term quite literally. I frequently avoid the closet under the stairs since it's their toy storage/man cave and I allow them a certain amount of leeway in the cleanliness of it. Roughly once every 3-4 months my OCD gets the better of me and I purge the closet of any and all destroyed items and force organization to return. Though it had not been long since my last purging, it was necessary for me the other day to dive head-first into the closet to find the baby's hat on a particularly chilly morning for our walk to the school. This is what I found:

Apparently, my 6-year-old wishes to return to his neanderthal roots and show his talent in cave painting. Too bad his mother has failed to grasp the beauty of paleolithic art.