Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 7

It took me all day to find it. My kids had a play date at a local bounce-house place called Jumpin' Jax, so Josh put it in the diaper bag, thinking that I'd find it. Fortunately, Mason is halfway potty trained (He only pees in the potty...) and I had no reason to get into the bag. When he called on his way home from work, he asked if I had found it yet, which sent me excitedly ransacking it's contents. After a few more hints from Josh, I found it!

A Buckle Gift Card!! I recently discovered the joy that is shopping (as a big-bootied woman) for jeans at The Buckle. A far better experience! Thanks for the tip, Morgan! Anyway, Josh realized that I only have two pair of jeans and thought that I could use more, but knew better than to buy them for me. Smart boy! I can't wait to go shopping! Now all I need is a good shopping buddy...

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