Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our American Idol

Our Branch talent show was held on Friday night. Unfortunately, Josh and I were unable to attend because Josh's first DENTAC Ball was that night, but fortunately for us, our awesome babysitter is 18 and a safe driver. He came and took the kids in our van since the kids didn't want to miss it, and what followed is Branch History.

Sloan loves to dance. I think that music is in his blood and when he hears a good beat, he can't help the gyrations that take over his body. He especially loves the work of the late Michael Jackson. A year ago, I downloaded "Billy Jean" and discovered his love for the King of Pop or "Percy Jackson" as Sloan called him, and he would frequently request "This Pair of Jeans That I Love" (the title that should have been...). The day I played the music video to "The Way You Make Me Feel", Sloan was in love.

After the ball concluded (because using a cell phone during the presentation is a no-no and could result in drinking from the "Grog Bowl", we left the phones in our car and were ambushed by messages upon our return. Apparently, Sloan had done a song and dance routine after Ethan performed a tutorial on "How to Make a Paper Boat" live on stage, that included a certain amount of "Dirty Dancing". Now having reviewed the footage generously provided us by our friends, the Heers, I cannot wait to share it with you.

Bottom line: My baby is cute. Here's proof: