Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 12

So, I've been trying to figure out how to post Day 12 and don't have a good solution, yet.

Today started with me (pulled out of bed before the boys) in the shower, to get ready for our 1/2 hour drive to church and leaving early enough to pass out the programs (Yup. I'm the Ward Bulletin lady. That, and three other callings... gotta love a small branch!). When the boys woke up at 7:30, we went straight for the stockings! The boys loved the gifts Santa brought in them! I'll have to post pictures later. Maybe when I figure out how to post my gift...

We finished up the stockings and got the boys in the bath and off to church in a timely manner. We knew that we wouldn't be able to open all the presents casually, like we wanted, so we made the boys wait until we got home around 12:00.

The boys had a great Christmas, Josh included. Josh waited until after all the gifts had been opened and dinner was started before he called me into the kitchen and set me at the computer for my gift: a 15-minute video montage of pictures of our life together (dating through now) set to a mash up of songs from our past. (Hence the trouble sharing it with you, it's just too much data... ) It was so sweet! I wanted Josh to go away so that I could cry in peace, but he enjoyed himself too much. The more I cried, the bigger he smiled.

I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas.

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