Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 5

I think Josh must be trying to get me caught up on sleep! Today after church, I was cold and went to my bed to relax under my blankets. Of course, I fell asleep and had a three-hour nap! That hasn't happened, I think, since before Ethan was born! When I woke up, Josh was making dinner (watch out, Josh! A girl could get used to this...!) and told me to look in the "... foremost quadrant of the house." for my gift. In the laundry room, I found the jeans I washed yesterday, hanging to dry, with a new accessory attached!

I love it! I've been saying forever that I need a new belt, and when I figured out the other day that I could take off a pair of my jeans without unbuttoning them, I guess that threw him into action. Before anyone asks, it's not that I've lost any weight. On the contrary, my butt is as big (or bigger) than ever and with a relatively small waist, meaning that my pants gap in all the wrong places. But not anymore!!

And I'm happy to say that he's got pretty good taste, too!

Now on a different note, we had our Branch Christmas Party last night. It was so fun and the Young Women put it together. (We all know the youth of the church are amazing!) And they also put together a video for us, featuring our children. It was pretty good, so I have to share:


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