Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cute Videos

So, I promised some cute videos of my kids a while ago, and didn't get around to uploading them until now. Sorry about that, but I hope you enjoy. Mason is reading us his current favorite bedtime story, "Cuddle". Gosh that baby is cute. And big, too. Sigh.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Sloan is a music lover. It's in his blood. He sings the loudest every time we are in the car and requests all his favorites. Here he is, singing a solo to "All I Have To Do Is Dream" by the Everly Brothers. Wait for it... he gets more and more adorable every day. What do you think his stage name should be??

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy February!

Today at my ultrasound, while the technician had a hard time getting the baby to cooperate at all, she also could find no evidence of boy parts (something we've never experienced), so for all tentative intents and purposes, we anticipate a BABY GIRL in February of 2013! Happy February, indeed! The entire family is excited and we can't wait to finally meet Sister!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finally Settled!

So, we've been in Maryland for a little over a month now. It's been a crazy ride, but I think that things here are finally to the point of settling down and we're getting into a routine that works for everyone. Josh works at the southern clinic in Edgewood, and is basically useless. Not that HE is, but we're not entirely sure that they even needed a dentist on this Post. He's done nothing but exams so far and only a handful of those. Here's hoping things pick up for him.

Ethan and Sloan started school. I think that they are liking it, other than there's a little boy that apparently picks on Sloan on the bus. Not sure if I just let him handle it himself, or if Mama Bear should step in the way she wants to. I guess time will tell. Other than that, the boys are adjusting well. Mason, maybe not as much. Poor kid has no idea what to do without Brothers all day, and quite frankly, Mom has no idea what to do with him. He's at that in-between age where he doesn't need me as much and craves independence,  but is too young to go to school. We're looking into Pre-School. I think it might make all the difference.

Here are my handsome boys on the first day of school:
 Ethan: 3rd Grade Age: 8

 Sloan: Kindergarten Age: 5 1/2 
Mason: Age 3

Some seriously handsome boys here at the Gailey Home. These are taken in front of our house here in Maryland. We live on Post and so far enjoy it. If only scared little Brookie were not still scared to brave to Commissary by herself... The boys ride the bus to and from school. Sloan has full-day Kindergarten (Thank goodness, because he has had 3 YEARS of preschool! The kid needed this!) I take them to the bus stop at 8:20 and they return to me at 4:00. Not too shabby! No wonder Mason and I have no idea what to do with each other for so long! 

 Our house in Maryland, the whole of it. It's actually a duplex, but I have yet to hear the neighbors, so I forget it's anything different than the last 5 years have been. It's roughly the same size as our Vegas house, for those who need a reference... and we're the first to live in it! Score!

 Our kitchen. LOVING all the cabinet space!! Plus, there's a pantry (see next shot) that is NOT in my laundry room! 
I'm in heaven. 

 Breakfast nook and pantry door. 

 Living room/Dining room. It looks really cramped, but really it's just cozy. 
Oh, and Mason, showing off a toy car.

The Office. Did I say that the kitchen was heaven? I lied.
It actually was designed to be a formal living room, but I have no use for one of those, so we converted it into an office/craft room. Ain't she purdy!?

 The hall standing between the living/dining room/kitchen and the front door/office. To the right is the powder room and the door you see is the coat closet/toy storage and also visible: the stairs. 

 Master Bedroom. Not much different from our last house in Oklahoma, but I still like it. 
Did I ever mention that Josh built that headboard for me? He loves me...

The Nursery. 
To be decorated accordingly to welcome #4 in February 2013.

Things unseen on this tour: 

The boys' bedroom: It's always a mess. I'm working on letting them handle their own cleanliness. A definite work in progress. But, it looks much the same as it did in Oklahoma. 

Bathrooms: No one actually wants to see those unless you've just re-done them cute. You're not missing anything here.

Backyard: It's currently dirt. It will be the home to a clubhouse and pool sometime in the year 2013. I'm hoping for summer, but at the rate they seem to be going on it, it's likely to open just in time for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed. I will very soon be posting some very cute video of my boys being spontaneously adorable, which is what they do best. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our American Idol

Our Branch talent show was held on Friday night. Unfortunately, Josh and I were unable to attend because Josh's first DENTAC Ball was that night, but fortunately for us, our awesome babysitter is 18 and a safe driver. He came and took the kids in our van since the kids didn't want to miss it, and what followed is Branch History.

Sloan loves to dance. I think that music is in his blood and when he hears a good beat, he can't help the gyrations that take over his body. He especially loves the work of the late Michael Jackson. A year ago, I downloaded "Billy Jean" and discovered his love for the King of Pop or "Percy Jackson" as Sloan called him, and he would frequently request "This Pair of Jeans That I Love" (the title that should have been...). The day I played the music video to "The Way You Make Me Feel", Sloan was in love.

After the ball concluded (because using a cell phone during the presentation is a no-no and could result in drinking from the "Grog Bowl", we left the phones in our car and were ambushed by messages upon our return. Apparently, Sloan had done a song and dance routine after Ethan performed a tutorial on "How to Make a Paper Boat" live on stage, that included a certain amount of "Dirty Dancing". Now having reviewed the footage generously provided us by our friends, the Heers, I cannot wait to share it with you.

Bottom line: My baby is cute. Here's proof:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The World According to Mason

Sometimes, all happiness requires is warm feet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This just in:

We're moving to Maryland!!

It wasn't the top of our list, but at least it was on it! I'm excited to try out the East Coast! Josh graduates his residency July 13th and we'll have one month for the move before he reports to his new post on August 13th.

How is it possible to be so scared and excited all at the same time?!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Best Birthday Ever!

And it came with an origami cootie catcher, too!

Who could ask for anything more?! 29 is going to be great!