Monday, October 10, 2011

Card Kit Orders

So, if you want to order a card "kit" for your Christmas cards just leave a comment below stating how many kits you want (each one makes 24 cards) and if you want just the materials or if you need me to do the cutting/scoring/embossing etc....

I don't sell Stampin' Up!, I'm just hosting a Christmas card making night at my house next month, and offered to order the materials/make the kits for anyone who wants them. Prices are below each picture.

"Peace on Earth" 24 Cards for $18.45

"Merry and Bright" 24 Cards for $24.91
*Card design will change, but the elements will be basically the same.*

"Holly Jolly Christmas" 24 Cards for $14.45
*Color Shown will be different from color received.*

"Let it Snow" 24 Cards for $15.48

"Merry Little Christmas" 24 Cards for $23.15

If you wish to participate but want to purchase your own materials, leave me a comment and I will send you a list of supplies for your desired card kit. Thanks!

*Prices indicated may be subject to small tax and/or shipping fees.*