Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 10

Every night, when I go to bed, I like to lull myself to sleep with a good book. Since I have found myself out of decent reading material of late, I have taken to playing a few rounds of solitaire each night on Josh's iPod Touch. I hate to brag but, I'm pretty good... but it gets old. So when I read a recent review in People magazine for "Out of Oz", the final volume to the "Wicked" series, the glowing words they had to say for the entire series intrigued me and I decided that I would read it next. I mentioned it to Josh in passing once or twice, since we generally share books, (he'll read it first, and I follow closely behind.) and waited for his work schedule to slow down.

So, tonight, as I lay down with the iPod to get my game on, I am surprised instead to find on the screen the Kindle App open with the title page for "Wicked". I'd write more, but I am too excited to get reading!!

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  1. Wow...I am so impressed. I'm going to make Nate start reading your blog or make him give Josh a call to get some ideas. I got lots of complaints about how much he hates Christmas and that he is too stressed to get me anything this year. (Luckily he reconsidered at the last minute and bought me a few things LOL) Walgreens has turned him into the Grinch.