Monday, June 7, 2010

Waiting for Tonight.

I know that you all have been waiting on pins and needles for my assessment of The Bachelorette: Season 6. I fear that I must disappoint you. I decided that I was going to take a hiatus for this one and just enjoy the train-wreck of it all, but knowing myself, I knew that if I were to decide to post nothing at all, something would happen that would absolutely warrant a post. So, for those of you wondering where my Bachelorette insights have been, your answer is this:

I am only going to write when it moves me. There aren’t that many of you that really care what I write anyway, I imagine… Rest assured that when Kasey begins to cut himself, I shall likely join the rest of the Bachelorette blogosphere in my rants.

Until then, this will have to suffice:

Hunter: Funny, and it’s no mystery why. Funny-looking people often learn how to use humor in order to make it through High School. Case in point: Me. Actually, I am wondering if she requested trolls. Three-quarters of the bachelors are, well, less than average…

Craig: Glad he went home. I think that he has X-Ray vision. Yikes. Maybe it’s because I think that he looks like Wolverine? Super powers must be had.

Justin: Lost me during his bio in episode 1. Plus, really not diggin' the soul patch.

Jonathan: Ah, an original favorite. Who doesn’t love a Weatherman? He’s getting on my nerves, now, though. I think that when he actually does get hit, he’s gonna cry like a girl. Maybe they’ll arrange a cage fight between him, Craig and David.

Kasey: Besides the obvious mental issue foreshadowing, is anyone else waiting for him to announce that he’s deaf? It’s either that or his voice is just weirding me out.

My favorites are as follows:

Jesse: Grace under pressure.

Frank: Another funny-lookin’ dude, but something about him me likes.

And… (drum roll…)

Roberto. Bet you didn’t see that coming. He’s gonna win the whole thing. Yep. I’m callin’ it. I knew it from the moment that he and Ali met and she uttered, “Sexy…”. Then again, look at her other options…

Now I must go. I am certain that my husband is laughing somewhere saying, “I told you so!” I digress.

Also, while looking up information randomly on the internet, I looked at a bio for the host, Chris Harrison, and found this: “This year he will also host ABC's new reality show, Bachelor Pad, the first all-star reunion from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, which premieres August 9.” My dream has come true.

P.S. Those who comment on my posts and make me happy will win a exclusive invitation to my Bachelorette: Season 6 Finale Party. It’s gonna be pretty rockin’. So rockin’, in fact, that I won’t reveal any details of it until after it happens. Suffice it to say that formal invitations will be involved.


  1. ha ha you seriously crack me up. I love your insight and have been waiting for you to post. I agree she did not get the cream of the crop, quite a few goobers. My fav is also Roberto. just a few more hours and I will be glued to my tv:)

  2. I haven't seen any of it. But does this matter? No! I have your insights to delight my heart. Want to know what tickles my fancy the most? This: "Who doesn’t love a Weatherman?" Amen, sister.

    Thanks for the giggles... uh oh! Gonna pee my pants again. Or, my sweats. Let's be honest.

  3. i have been waiting for this Brooks. :) you just make me laugh. yeah- the guy with the weird voice- i can't stand listening to him talk. i think there is definitely something wrong w him. and after last nights weatherman happenings... i can't look at him either. i can't believe he CRIED when his kiss didn't go right. hahahaha. i'm pretty sure it was the first one of his little weatherman life.

    i wasn't gonna watch this season... looked a little trashy. i broke down. i'm in deep. :)

    ps- yes please! your little bach bash sounds like a blast!

  4. Just so you know, 1/2 the reason I watch the bachelor/ette is because I want to understand who and what your blogging about...its so much fun! Also, my sister will follow your blog during the season, becuase SHE TOO LOVES WHAT AND HOW YOU SAY IT! SO ya, poeple you don't even know are reading in!

    Although I hate the soul patch I am intersted to see were "rated-r" goes. You favorites are also mine and I too like Roberto. and Frank...both of them would be fun for the bachelor I think. Kasey's voice is KILLING ME and the weather man is super duper annoying, I really would have rather had the crazy wolverine over him.

  5. Haven't watched any episodes yet... But, judging from photos only, I like Hunter and Roberto. Kasey looks really cute, but since you say his voice is annoying, I'll give him a maybe.
    :) I love your Bachelor-related comments, BTW

  6. I am so glad that you are posting about this...I love reading your Bachelor comments (I am also happy to be at my parents house and have internet again)!!