Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Dark Horse

Upon further reflection:

Kirk is kind of a stud. I think that Ali thinks so, too. I don't know why I didn't see his boyish good looks and unassuming charm before. And so, he officially replaces Frank in my favorite choosings. Why?


Frank's desperation is wearing on me. Apparently, he has never seen an episode of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. He misses the very premise of the show. Someone had to have explained to him that he would be one of 25 men dating her... hmm... maybe not.

I think that it's awfully funny that Ali was so up in arms about Jake keeping Vienna around despite the advice of the bachelorettes living with her, and yet, Ali continues to keep Justin around. Good luck. Hmm... what's that they say about karma?

How's about giving Steve a shot? He may have Brillo Pad hair and inept fine motor skills, but the man set up a champagne picnic in the driveway. Now, that's romance.

Well, I think that about sums it up.


Favorites: Roberto (Winner), Kirk (Runner Up and by default, The Bachelor: Season 15.), and Jesse ("At least I got a night in the fantasy suite...").

Please go home: Jonathan (weeps like a woman), Kasey ("Help! There's something stuck in my throat!"), and Justin (convenient "manly" weeping).


  1. I love the Bachelorette! And I completely agree with you... also, what about Craig R? They have never showed him with her AT ALL and he is ALWAYS drinking... I noted three different times that he had a FULL bottle in his hands... Him, Casey, and Jonathan need to GO!! There is something about Roberto that I dont trust... we shall see!
    PS super cute family!

  2. Brooks... I love you!! I'm glad that you like to induldge in these crazy shows as much as I do. you're commentary just makes everything about the show that much better!I do have to agree, I think Roberto will take the last rose!! at least I would like him to.

  3. Your fine commentary has yet again led me to a fit of hysterical laughing and tears. Bravo. You complete me.