Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking News?

So, it's not like I totally didn't see this coming 7 months ago, but I find myself surprised/disgusted at what I found in my e-mail inbox this morning.

*Click here to read the story.

The title read something like, "Jake Pavelka, Vienna Girardi to Reunite on The Bachelorette."

What the crap? Reunite? Apparently, I've been living in a cave for about two weeks. Indeed, I announced their inevitable split the moment that she touched his abs, but I find myself shocked for many reasons:

1) She cheated. Not surprising. What is surprising is that HE is surprised that she did. I think that I speak for all of America when I say that he had fair warning.

2) She lasted 7 months before she cheated. Maybe...

3) Jake is ridiculously good and milking fame. From Dancing with the Stars (which apparently started the distance to grow between them as Girardi believed that DWTS should have been her endeavor. Denial is apparently a fantastic motivator. Does she realize that half of America hates her??), to an apparent stint on the Lifetime series, "Drop Dead Diva", and his now imminent appearance in "The Bachelor Pad". I'm actually really hoping that he goes back to piloting, and soon. He's starting to really get on my nerves.

There's more, but I digress. I can't waste more time on them. I have a sour taste in my mouth.

More pleasant news: Ali finally sent... wait... what's his name? Home. Oh, and Kasey and his juvenile tattoo are stuck in Iceland someplace. Kudos to Craig for capitalizing on the hilarious, if not disturbing, nature of it. Two cool points to you.

Prediction: Justin has a girlfriend. Seriously now, who didn't see that coming? He is definitely this season's Wes equivalent. I just want to know how he made it in his walking cast down the stairs featured in the promo.

Rooting for: Roberto, and Kirk.

Not-so-much-rooting-for: Frank (getting really creepy), Craig (Funny... for a lawyer.), and Ty (this season's Ed).


  1. I have to say I was bummed, I didn't like Vienna, but I hopped that Jake was right about her.

    As for Justin...again I was hopful that he wouldn't turn out to be a looser, but again I was dissappointed. He is turning into such a jerk on the show. I watched last week but I miss the whole thing about a girl friend so I am in the dark with that.

    Although I kind of like Frank's funny side he is geting desperate and jealous, which won't go far in this show when there are so many other greats. Oh well. can't wait for next week!

  2. So wait...They're getting back together now? After what? a couple weeks of splitting up?? I just saw an access hollywood interview with her where she said that those are allegations of her cheating and that it was actually that he was never intimate with her and was getting worse (hmm, sounds like signs of a porn addict) But then I guess he said that she was jealous of his job (I'm guessing he's refurring to tv reality star...not pilot). I have no clue but I think they're both losers now.

    I missed the part about Justin having a girlfriend too...but I was puting the girls to sleep so I need to go through the last part again. I had higher hopes for Justin too. I didn't think that he deserved all the jerky comments from the other guys. Just b/c he's a wrestler. But then I caught a comment from him after he got the rose over Krazy...I mean Kasey. He said something like, "I should've gotten two roses. One for Justin and one for Rated 'R'." Ummm....ok. You've just deemed yourself an idot.