Monday, June 14, 2010

Fool Me Once...

... shame on you. Fool me twice, I'll still watch your show.

You've done it again, ABC. I thought for sure that the teasers on television about Kasey meant something a whole lot more sinister than a really dumb, permanent display of obsession. I should know better.

Speaking of...

Ah, Kasey. Watching your date with Ali was nothing short of painful. From the weird-voiced, cheesy-lyric serenades to the vomit-inducing one liners. If you stop trying to sound like Romeo, you just might actually have a shot at being Romeo. Plus, if one questions your sincerity, there's nothing like a bright, shiny new tat to really put things over the top. You owe Frank a big "thank you" for interjecting and stealing Ali before you could parade your body art in front of her. Had you been able to, it may have cost you a rose, and you may have had a restraining order to add to your list of firsts.

A mad shout goes out to both Kirk and Chris L. for taking Ali's best interests to heart. Flowers, soup, and a bed time story are really the best medicine.

Of course, Chris N. stayed. Oh, wait. What's that, you say? You don't know who that is? That's okay. I don't think that Ali does, either...

Thank goodness that Jonathan finally went home. He was a lot more high maintenance than one should expect a man to be, even for a Weatherman.

Jesse's gone. Surprising? Yes. Though not really...

Officially, I want Kirk to win. Really, really. Roberto's gonna take it, thus, cementing my knack for rooting on the wrong one. Oh well. Me likes who me likes. Doesn't Kirk get more pretty as time goes on?

Quote of the Night: "I'm going to protect and guard your heart. He tattooed it on his wrist. Getting a tattoo, that doesn't prove anything except the fact that you're nuts." -Frank

Very Close 2nd Place Quote of the Night: "Kasey didn't, in fact, burn himself. He got a tattoo. He's gotta live with the for the rest of his life. That's not coming off. So you're gonna be the tattooed Bachelorette guy for the rest of your life. That's gonna be probably your nickname." -Chris L.

Ah, hah, hah... just found this whilst downloading pictures from the internet and had to share. It's my privilege, nay, my duty as a loyal Bachelor/Bachelorette fan to make fun of those I deem ridiculous. Without further ado, Kasey's ideal date according to
"Horseback riding on the ocean, followed by lunch on a sailboat, then coming home to a prepared dinner with candlelight."
Wow. That's one talented horse. As long as you're not expecting too much, there, Kasey...


  1. Oh, I love reading your comments :) especially the snarky ones!

  2. Oh my sister friend! You took all the words right out of my mouth! I haven't been doing the Bachelorette updates, because in the beginning it was pretty lame. Now that it's getting good, I feel like I'd just be confusing those who don't watch. I like Chris (from Cape Cod) but I agree that Robert-O is going to win it all. I don't even think he's that good looking! Kirk, on the other hand...yummy! I can't wait to see you in July! By the way, we may be staying for 2 nights! I can feel your excitement from here! Oh! And the gummy bears came...or should I say gummy BEAR. Yeah...kinda melted. Love you!

  3. who si the guy who's mom died? I really like him more and more.

    10 bucks say the produces sent Frank in so that they can keep the CRAZY Kasey around a little bit.

  4. I like Chris L. I also like his family, but it might be just because I can relate with the whole mom thing. He played that nicely waiting until the right time to bring it shows respect for his family and mom. Kirk is HOT!! But I think you are right about the Roberto thing....shame really.......who was the good singer?? uh, WOW!!

  5. Ok, where do I start?? I had girl's camp last week so I missed last week and then I missed this week's. Can we just call each other during the show and make snarky comments and giggle? B/c Joseph doesn't want to do that with me. ha ha

    Weatherman-what a goon! I couldn't stand him! My favorite quote..."I feel like you didn't even get a chance to know me"-- Uhhh, Weatherman...News flash, she (along with the rest of America) saw how freaky, obsessive, pushy, annoying and totally homosexual you were. I kept yelling at the computer..."You're such a GOON!" eww!

    Kasey- Creeptastic! Oh my gosh, I'm scared for Ali's saftey when she lets him go. My prediction...he's going to be jumping into the volcano when she tells him he's a freak-o and gives him the boot. If he says ONE more time that he's going to gaurd and protect her heart I'm going to vomit down the front of myself. Shut up! I can't take the gayness anymore!

    Frank-he's funny but starting to go a little mental too. He has tiny eyes.

    My top 3: Robert-o, Chris L, Kirk.
    Last two standing: Roberto and Kirk
    And Roberto will be the one she chooses.

    I like Roberto the best. It's just hard for me to get past his name. But he, in my humble opinon, matches her the best. He's just got it all together.

    (there, just wrote a post of my own.)

  6. I will keep my comments short for now... typing with one hand is a talent I have yet to master......

    I am in love with Chris L. all the way. That is for my likes, personally. Now for Ali... Kirk may take this season.

    Here's hoping my Chris L. wins....or becomes the next Bachelor. Yes, I said MY.... I likie him!!!)