Thursday, January 21, 2010

Memo to Ethan's Wife:

He wants kids. Lots of kids.

10 girls and 10 boys, to be exact.

The first will be a boy that you are allowed to name all by yourself. The second, a girl, named Rose. Rose will be joined by her little sister, Watersplash, (judging from the pace you must keep to have 20 kids...) shortly.

All of your children will be born in the month of January which, of course, is the only month in which you are allowed to consume cupcakes.

All 20 will spend summers with Grandma and Grandpa where the boys will roughhouse with Grandpa and the girls will stay downstairs in our condo (the length of time is not yet determined.) because girls might not like to wrestle.

Just thought that you might like to know.


  1. It's january does that mean I get a cupcake? Oh pretty please

  2. I don't have to worry about any of that because Sammy tells me all the time that she is NOT getting married!!!!

  3. wow! His future wife has alot to live up to! i would suggest finding a bigger house to live in to babysit all those grandchildren. Too funny!

  4. I will print this out and give it to Jenna for her 18th birthday, so she can start sewing the baby clothes. Oh, and don't worry, the women in my family are very fertile.