Friday, January 22, 2010

I'll take that as a compliment.

My 27th Birthday is on Saturday. Yep, the big 2-7.

Josh told me that he has had a dinner planned for my birthday since September which, of course, I didn't believe. I'm the obsessive planner in the family, believe it or not. I, knowing that he knows that I HATE surprises, was sure I could get it out of him before B-Day, but the man had suddenly become Fort Knox. Oh wait. Tidbits I got out of him include:

"Sarah said she'd like it, if she were you."

Who the crap is Sarah?

And, "They specialize in gamey meat."

Ah. He forgot the deer meat tin foil dinners that I threw up on our third or fourth date.

Irritated, but excited, I decided to get ready for my date. Not knowing where we were going meant I had to dress up but not be too dressy. Hmm. I settled on a nice sweater dress and tights with a sleek updo to dress it up. After an hour of toiling in the bathroom over hair and makeup, I looked fabulous! Like this:

And this:

And this:

See what I mean? Yeah. The pictures don't do it justice, really. Promise. It was elegant.

So Josh gets home, and I, standing in the bathroom, put a bright smile on my face (the kind that says, "You're supposed to notice something...") and wait for the glowing compliments that would surely follow.

"So, Ethan can't watch TV?"

"That's all you have to say?"

After a minute of weighing his options:
"I, uhm, I would be proud(?) to take you out in public looking the way that you do?"

I'll take it.

*Josh took me to Serendipity of Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace so that I could finally taste the frozen hot chocolate I've been talking about since I saw it on Oprah 5 years ago. It was yummy and romantic. I love that man!


  1. You are going to be one old lady, but at least you are a beautiful old lady :)

  2. Your hair looks super cool! you'll have to show me how you did it! And of course...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Loved this... thanks for the chuckle!

  4. Did you get my message on Sunday Night? We didn't want to call on your birthday because we know that you don't like the billion calls. So I am glad you had fun and thanks for the present for little "Barton".