Monday, January 25, 2010

I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees...

... flowers, bushes, and basically shrubbery in general.

Jake, I understand not wanting to lead anyone on and I even understand sending more girls home than an ideal Bachelor Season would allow. What I don't understand is the senseless burning of roses. What did it ever do to you?

On that note; a list of other things that I don't understand:

1. Sending Ella home. I just can't be down with that. That said, I thank Jake for the courage to present us with the next Bachelorette: Ella. Or as I like to call it, "Jason Mesnick: Season II".

2. Why I was shocked that he kept Vienna.

3. How I can like Gia and hate her incessant giggling at the same time. Or rather, why I like Gia in spite of her incessant giggling.

4. Why I have to know the color of Ashleigh's underpants. Although, I am sincerely grateful that she wears them.

5. Why Jake waited to send Jessie home until now. Now it just looks like you sent her home for gossiping instead of the obvious yet unexplainable facial flaws that really sent her home. (I really can't pin-point which feature makes her gremlin-like.)

Quote of the night (Or rather, partial quote of the night.): "I think..."-Kathryn
(Only a true Bachelorite will have picked that one up...)

Me Likey: Ali (though I think out of self-preservation she better keep the V-word off her tongue.), Tenley, and Gia (what?!).

Me No Likey: Vienna. Yeah, the one named after the sausage, not the city.


  1. AHHHH Gia and that laugh is killing me!

  2. ha ha I made Ryan watch it with me last night (he hates this show and pretty much made fun of everything and everyone in it) with that said Ryan made the very same comment, Vienna is a sausage!! ha ha made me laugh also I'm glad you are a Lorax fan, I had never seen the cartoon until I met Ryan, who can quote the movie:)

  3. Yeah, I, too cannot stand Gia's nervous giggle. So freak'n annoying. Yet I've come to like her from where she came from...a nerd. Bless her heart.
    I like Ella too. I think she's real, but by marrying her that would mean Jake would be jumping into an insta-family. Some people just don't want that. Kinda like adoption, some people don't mind having a 8 year old and some want to start new with a baby. I think he's keeping Vienna b/c he respects her enough to find out for himself why she shouldn't stay. And Ali, bless your heart, for the love of all thats good and holy, keep your mouth shut about Vienna. The more people talk about her the more they fuel her fire. Plus, you're just going to look like a total "B" b/c you know you're not going to be able to control your rage when you talk about her. Utimately, he's not going to keep Vienna so let him just ride it out. Maybe he wants to see how she is with her dad.

    And again...what's the deal with the pregnant girl??? Am I just crazy or did anyone else see that teaser of a girl telling Jake she's preggers??

  4. Brooks- you don't know me...but you know my sister, Angela. Anyway, she told me that you critically analyze The Bachelor...and now you/or maybe my sister has me watching that trash TV. So I am subscribing to your weekly rants about Vienna (the only reason she stayed was to keep the show interesting, my opinion). I told my husband that I think the show should be called "Biotch"elor. Can I write that on your blog...Thanks for the entertainment...until next week

  5. Yeah, I can't stand Vienna. I don't know about you, but if no one in that has had anything good to say about her, I'd really, really take that to heart! Ali needs to chill, she's creating a bit of drama that I'm not sure I can handle. And Gia, well, she bugs. There is something very odd about her lips, and I just can't stand to watch her talk. It's like she has a constant "sexy pout."