Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Episode II: Rise of the Double Standard

Well, I must apologize. My TiVo missed the first 15 minutes of the Bachelor because it didn't recognize the subtitle: On The Wings of Love, then halfway through the show my T.V. gave up completely and flat-lined:

Maybe it was trying to tell me something.

At any rate, I made it to the 13-inch set in my bedroom and finished it, though my husband begged me not to since I was in his sleeping quarters. He just doesn't understand how serious my obligations are.

Without further ado:

Since everyone in the blogosphere will be writing about the scandal, I'm just going to join right in.

I was giving Rozlyn the benefit of the doubt and had marked Gia with my scarlet letter of suspicion. Sad to say that my impression that "model" Rozlyn looked less Twiggy Lawson and more Jenna Jameson, was true. A girl with those proportions, no doubt the product of good genes and certainly not surgical enhancement, should go far on the Bachelor but was unable when ABC sent her home. While I, myself, didn't care for her, I wanted Jake to send her home himself, eventually.

What I can't understand is why everyone on the Bachelorette production staff knew that Wes had a girlfriend back home last season and somehow he was never sent home before Jillian did the dirty deed herself? Wes, like Rozyln, was not there with the good intention of finding love. I guess it all depends on how long you can drag the drama out and when is the optimum time for revelation to increase ratings. I'm sure there is some team over at ABC that sorts through these statistics.

Other highlights of the night:

The soft rock hit, "On The Wings of Love", finally made it into Bachelor history.

Ashley "Crazy Eyes" Schoolteacher was sent home.

Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Crazyperson was not. The longer he keeps her around and leads her on, the more chance there is of someone gettin' dead.

Quote of the night: "I don't really think that my personal life is anyone's business." -Rozlyn

Me Likey: Ali and Ella

Me No Likey: Anyone who cried when they heard about the scandal. Seriously.


  1. There's a knife in Michelle's luggage.

  2. I am hoping Michelle is the one that he sends home next week!!

  3. Michelle is a wack job and seriously needs help!! and I agree Ashley does have crazy eyes Ha ha. May I also just say I think Veinna is secretly a man!

  4. I really look forward to your Bachelor breakdowns. Thusfar, I'm team Ali!

    I also agree with keli b, Veinna looks like a man. And what's with all the divorcees this time - and why do they feel they all have to confess their past marriages/baggage on the first date?? Give it time people.

  5. If they tell him too fast about their past marriages then their weirdos but if they wait till past the second date then they've been "withholding info". It's tricky. And I agree with Vienna when she called Michelle out..."1st she's debbie downer and now she's all 'HI JAKE!!!' Talk about split personalities. I think Vienna is totally a man but she's funny and get's me laughing. I love Ali but she did cry a few tears over the whole scandal. Jus say'n.

  6. What's with everyone complaining when someone else steps in and "takes" Jake? Of course another lady is going to come and steal him from you, there are 25 women, you all need a chance to make out with him! They're all taking it too personally, I want to say to them, "She doesn't hate you (or maybe she does), she just wants HIM!

    I read something last night, as i was looking for dirt on the scandal, and Chris answered a question about "the crazy." He said that Jake has kept her around because he doesn't see what we all see. He doesn't see any of the footage, he just sees her being "honest" and "open" with him. So, I guess we can't really blame him for keeping her around a little longer.

    I can't wait for the drama next week! Should we take a vote on who he kicks out?

    My vote: Vienna, I think she's the most dramatic of all of them still in the house.