Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shut Up!

That's what I shouted when Jake got sent home on The Bachelorette last night. We all saw Tanner leaving from a mile away... even if he couldn't because his view was obstructed by Jillian's feet.

Stupid people bother me. Here's the list of current offenders:

Jillian- Yes, perfection can be wearing. I should know. But no one is really perfect. Take me, for instance, once we got married Josh realized that I am far from perfect; I drive like a grandma, shave my legs sporadically, vacuum even less, swear like a sailor, and am an admitted T.V. junkie. Just give it time, Jillian. You'll find out that he has flaws and they're just as irritating as yours.

Wes- Do you not realize that you are, in fact, talking to cameras? Indeed, statements like, "I'll always have Jillian wrapped around my little finger." and "I got what I wanted; if I get the girl, too, that's great." will have all American women swarming to buy your album. Right...

Tanner- Ugh. Cutting across a woman who is actually talking to you in order to compliment her feet negates the compliment and just becomes irritating and weird. SO glad you're gone.

Thank you to Chris Harrison for trying to give Jillian a heads-up on Wes's ulterior motives just before the rose ceremony. Sadly, your nudge fell onto deaf and infatuated ears.

Heartbreak Tally: 2. Welcome to the ranks, Robby!


  1. I am with you on that! I was fine to see Tanner go...but that other guy...I mean really. I was bothered that she kept Wes-he just plain bothers me. I have missed the last two weeks, but right now my vote is for the guy she went snowboarding with...the one with poofy hair.

  2. You know what? She doesn't deserve Jake anyway, what more of a gentle man can you get? He was usng golly and gosh, jeepers, he should be the next bachelor

  3. I COULDN'T agree more! I've seen this all too often back in college. There stands a well mannered, kind, worthy girl/guy yet the other needs a bad boy/girl to satisfy some dying urge to walk the line. Now that I work in a counseling office I see them all coming back getting their well deserved divorces. But I have hope, if you saw the previews for the next few Bacheloretts it was showing how Jake is coming back. And if his pilot's uniform doesn't make her come groveling back I don't know what will!

  4. I finally caught up... and yeah. I'm bummed about Jake. I do hope it all works out... the previews made me wonder. Sigh. We shall see.
    P.S. Tanner grossed me out. It was just too much. Also, Wes is slime.
    Can't wait for tomorrow night!