Sunday, June 21, 2009

As Per Request:

Some pictures requested by my avid readers:

For Sami: Recent pictures of Mason at 4 and 5 weeks. Not too different, at least I think. He's (sort of) smiling now. He's also a seasoned veteran if big brother love.

Mason in his favorite outfit (or rather, Mommy's).
You can tell he was stoked to postpone lunch for a photo shoot.

Mason after his blessing on June 7th, 2009.
He gets bumps on his cheeks when he cries. I call it "Rage Rash".

For Jana: The cake and cupcakes from Ethan's Superhero party, prior to the heat damage mentioned in previous post.

Didn't turn out as well as it looked in my head... then again, what ever does?
My mind is a very pretty place.

The Cupcakes served to the guests.
I didn't think that bringing a knife to the park was a good idea... though I could have borrowed E.R.S.'s plastic dagger.


  1. Both cake and cup cakes look awesome! I think you did a fantastic job. And...Mason's outfit really is cute. What a sweet little boy. I want to hold him when we come out July 8th. Wait, what? We're coming July 8th? Yeppers, that's correct. We'll be there July 8th so mark your calendars!

  2. mason is so cute and i love your new picture on your blog! miss ya

  3. I love your cute cupcakes and I love your new header. Is Sloan wearing a life jacket? Are you coming to the Gailey Family event in August? :) Some of your stories from last time were priceless. One in particular...

  4. love, love, love the photo on your title! so you!!! i too adore the little outfit you put mason in- very stylish!

  5. Thanks for posting those pictures for me! I wish I could be at Mom's in August to hold him in person though...I also LOVE your new header, but that seems to be the concensus. We have soooo much to talk about-Bachelorette wise. At least it looks like he'll he back next week, and he'll be in UNIFORM! YEAH BABY!!!

  6. I dig the cake and cupcakes... thanks for posting! I felt very popular when I saw my name. You make me feel cool.

    Mason's looking great, I love his outfit.

    You're wonderful. Miss you... can't wait to see you in August! We're going to have GNO goodness up the... wazoo? I don't know if that's appropriate. Anyway, can't wait.

    In agreement with everyone else, the new picture is marvelous! Can't wait to catch up on Bachelorette, I've been trying to hold out on reading your most recent posts about it since I haven't caught up on Poor Jillian. She is starting to concern me.

    Also, because I'm on a writing streak, I will just say on this post how bad I feel for Sloan regarding his accident. Hope he is feeling better.

    Over and out!