Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No More Drama?

- Thank goodness we didn’t have to hear Wes’s half-song again this week. I hope he knows that his music career is dead in the water after this; you may get the girl, but you’ll never see the signing end of a record deal. Tough break… after all, they say love don’t come easy.

- Mark: Pizza Entrepreneur? Ah… I see… delivery boy.

- Too perfect? Is there really such a thing? I submit that there is not.

- Kudos, Jillian. Who knows where David’s mouth has been; he’s never been turned down for a kiss. Oh, and David, can one really be so thick?? How is it that you can tie your own shoes? Game on!

- Food for thought: is it better to be truthful or to not be considered a “snitch” by breaking “Man Code”?

- As far as the cocktail party goes… I don’t know how many more “dramatic moments” my heart can handle. Let’s hope she doesn’t call the whole thing off.

- Goodbye Juan and David. Ironic? I think you two should have shared a cab.

- At least Juan was a gentleman to the very end. He’ll make some man very happy one day.


Heartbreak Tally: 1

 *Note: “Heartbreak Tally” is my record of the number of men who have stated how hard it is to open up (to someone that they just met 8 days ago) about all the various aspects of their lives; all too afraid to get their hearts broken. Love, they say, don’t come easy…


  1. I came in a little late on the whole "who has a girlfriend" bit. What was that all about? I guess I'll have to watch it on And just so you know, you're not alone with E.R.S. We had many a "E.R.S" at our apt. complex when we were in Vegas. It's like "ghetto code". But at the same time, I never knew if these children's parents fed them so I just couldn't turn them away. Your soul will be blessed for it in heaven.

  2. I too thought it was ironic that Dave and Juan were eliminated the same night. Great stuff! I got a little nervous for Jake too, and I agree that there is no such thing as too much perfection. Some people like creme brulee (let me know if you get that one). Here's hoping Wes is the next one to leave...