Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?

Why, you crash birthday parties at the park, of course!

Ethan had a marvelous 5th Birthday, complete with a Superhero-themed bash at the local park. It all started out normal enough… costume-clad guests arriving with gifts in tow, sudden unforcasted wind gusts blowing balloons to dust, and heat damage to a handmade, one-of-a-kind, butter cream Spiderman birthday cake. All was going well until…

Guest “L” informed us that she had to use the potty. No potty available; a slight oversight on my part. Hmmm… I can’t force someone else’s kid to pee in the bushes… ergo, Josh takes L to our house while I keep watch over 8 2-5 year olds, and him

I have no idea who he is. He showed up moments after the gate swung shut behind Josh. We eventually got a name out of him after he ingested a cupcake and several servings of ice cream, but since this is a public blog, we’ll just call him by the initials he wrote on his own arm with my face paint: E.R.S.. I, being the kind person I am, couldn’t figure out how to tactfully tell him that it was a private, invitation only party, and did the proper thing; waited for Josh to get back to handle it. Handle it, however, he did not.

Thanks to Josh, who was very handy with the camera, we now have the experience properly documented for your viewing pleasure. Without further ado:

Enjoying the refreshments...

Making friends with shy guests...

Redecorating with and releasing Ethan's balloons...

And my personal favorite... practicing artwork on the guests.

Thanks for the help. It was nice to have met you, E.R.S. May there be many more a party to crash.


  1. Wow, some party! E.R.S. seems like a dapper young man... so helpful. The cake looks fabulous. Do you have any close up pictures of it? Please post, if you want.. although, for the record, I enjoyed the candids of E.R.S. Looks like a fun time had by all. I'm laughing...

  2. leif said you are much better people then him... he would have kick the kid out and not nice at all. but i always say leif is really a mean person. he is only nice to those he really likes. anyways. i wish we could have been there. tell ethan happy bithday from all of us!

  3. Great job with the candids Joshua! I don't know where these kids' parents come from, but in my day, it was considered poor form to invite yourself anywhere. I have kids on an intermittent basis stop by my house to inform me that they want to jump on my trampoline...thanks kid, you're like 11, so you can jump if you can tell me any one of my kids names. No? Okay, run along then.