Friday, February 20, 2009


What is it about MY food that is so appetizing? Why is it that I can serve my children breakfast, and after cleaning the last of it off the table along with the lactose lake, serve myself (in the same color bowl, same cereal, same milk, same style of spoon) only to find two Oliver-esque, apparently homeless children standing by my side, begging for my breakfast? Please note: this does not only happen over breakfast.

What is it about a broken toy that entices a child so? Why is it that they can bring it to you, demand that it be fixed, and when a simple, “Not right now” doesn’t work, you can spend 20 minutes doing nothing short of using the “Jaws of Life”, only to watch your child, eyes dim with lost interest, walk away and deposit the toy not five feet from the site of your toil?

What is it about nakedness that appeals so entirely to children? Why is it that when Ethan was a baby, he hated to be naked, but now uses his Spiderman costume as a one-way ticket out of the bondage of pants? Just for your own piece of mind… I draw the line at underpants. We are not a commando household. 

I guess some mysteries are better left unsolved.

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  1. My kids do the same exact thing! I call it the "baby bird syndrome" No matter what they just ate, my unappetizing (to me anyway) lunch is always the most delicious thing in the world to them. Let me know if you figure out why...