Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Stephanie, the woman I lovingly refer to as "Botox", was sent home last night. I have to say that I am still happy. Heart of gold or not, who did she think that she was kidding, 34?? I guess it could be the age her doctor assigned her after her "adjustments"... ? At least she has time now to go home and be with her daughter, Sophia. She's really missed her, and they are close. It's almost as if they were grandmother and granddaughter...

Let's have a hip-hip-hooray for Jillian and Melissa, and a prayer that Naomi goes home next week.


  1. I agree I liked Stephanie to a point, but I didn't think she and Jason made that great of a couple! Botox!! Good word for her!

  2. You rock. Don't tell anyone I watch The Bachelor on Tuesday morning at ABC.com. Your mom might shoot me. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch yesterday's episode... I'm okay with knowing the outcome though. Poor Stephanie... those eyebrows. Twas a shame. Also, I knew Nikki looked like someone! *lightbulb moment, right there* Here's the deal... Jillian is down to earth. He needs that. That is all I will say for right now. Great posts Brookli... made me laugh hysterically.

  3. I used to watch it too...until we lost reception and now we don't get a picture for ABC..bummer. Anyway, keep enjoying it for the both of us.