Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A big, fat, “See, ya!” comes to mind after watching last night’s Bachelor. Naomi or “Bangs” was sent home because Jason didn’t believe she was sincere in saying that she was ready to settle down. We, as the viewers, know the true grounds for her immediate dismissal. Wow. The look on Jason’s face mirrored the look on mine when her mother began to talk about reincarnation… and I’m not even dating the chick!

I really don’t know why I didn’t like her, other than despite not having bangs, she always had an incredible amount of hair in her face, and that she talked like she had either just been stung by a bee on her tongue or just escaped the dentist’s chair.

All said and done, I am happy but nervous. He’s bound to send one of my favorites home soon. Sadly, I feel that Melissa’s days may be numbered. In the meantime, good riddance, Naomi! Please don’t let the door hit your tongue on the way out. 


  1. My day:
    5:45 am - alarm went off.
    6:15 am - finally got up.
    7:00 am - left for school.
    1:00 pm - arrived home from school.
    1:05 pm - went to abc.com to watch last night's Bachelor epiosode before coming to your blog... knowing full well you would have a comment.
    1:06 pm - Settled in for (an almost) commercial free viewing of The Bachelor.
    2:20 pm - Came to your blog to read my own feelings written down! We are as one Brookli! I'm so glad Naomi is gone! None too soon... she drove me crazy. "I'm absolutely ready to settle down". Yeah, sure, go bury your Mom's dove.
    2:21 pm - Realized my own blog is not yet up and running... I promise you will have your post. Really! Truly! I won't let you down.
    2:22 pm - Finally posted this ridiculously long comment.

  2. Yeah she is gone! I didn't like her either!!! Bangs girl!! LOL

  3. OH...i miss watching the bachelor, used to watch it all the time in college. Hey i tagged you in my 8 things about me. Now it's your turn!

  4. I don't get to watch the Bachelor very often bc it comes on too early here. I love getting caught up by your blog. So funny.

  5. I haven't watched the bachelor, so I'm curious. What was her reason for leaving, that only the viewers know?

  6. I finally got around to watching Monday night's episode last night. Due to the Presidential address, and terrible storms, my viewing was delayed...sadly. However, Cameron warned me not to read your blog until I had watched it...and then he sat there the whole time saying things like "is Melissa the one from Dallas? Do you like her? Aw, too bad!" Yeah, I was very happy when I saw that Naomi, not Melissa, was the one to go home.

  7. Brooks-
    That is so crazy. So do you like Vegas? We lived there for 6 years. I worked at a dental office out there. Funny! I really liked it there. I was happy to leave though. I kind of got jaded of the city life.