Saturday, March 7, 2009


Where did my baby boy go? I mean, really. Ethan loves to watch videos of himself as a baby/toddler and each time I humor him in some one-on-one viewing, I recognize the baby on the screen less and less. I’m sure most of you can relate.

That said, I would like to now share with you my all-time favorite video of my first baby boy. Mind you, this does not demonstrate the best of my mothering capabilities. He’s nearly naked and what is with that hair!? Please don’t judge me.

Taken sometime just before he was two (I think… Again, please don’t judge me.),  I really can’t tell you what he is saying. (And again, please don't judge me.) But, be sure to listen to him right after I tell him that I'm just taking a video. This is my baby boy:

I love you, Ethan!


  1. This made me cry. Ethan is wonderful. His little voice... wow, Brookli, your kids are growing up! I had forgotten how little Ethan was... and when I looked at your Christmas pictures, that's exactly how I felt about Sloan! Where does the time go... where did I go?

  2. Seriously he is getting so big...this video always makes me smile. Now I'm inspired to take some video of my kids...

  3. i dont know about you, but i just can't get my mind around that fact that they are starting kindergarden in a couple of months. i just loved the video, i never knew yall then. he is very cute. i loved the hair. miss yall tons!

  4. I feel the same way about Aspen. Our pictures are the screen savers and as her pictures show up, I think I don't remember her looking like that. It's crazy how much they change in just a month let a lone years. It's so sad.

  5. Ba ha ha, I love the I'm scared! That was so unexpected. love it. What a cutie. It still totally looks like Ethan to me if that makes you feel better. :)---by the way...I totally agree with you about Jason. What a dirty rat. Although Joseph said to me last night, "what would you have rather had him do? Marry her then get a divorce?" Which I agree but seriously... on National TV? Common, give the girl the last drops of dignity that she has left. What people won't do for a buck. (or in his case, an extra 5 grand.)