Friday, March 27, 2009

Body vs. Baby

“Do we need a news flash every time your body does something?”

-Diego, “Ice Age”

 Why yes, you do. It’s my blog, you see.

I am not sure if I am mad or relieved. I had another doctor’s appointment today, and finally the results of my 3-hour glucose test. Turns out, I do have gestational diabetes. Why, then, did I not get the results sometime in the last 11 days? Oh, that’s easy. I am a borderline gestational diabetic. But don’t worry… for good measure, I am still being sent to the dietician where I get my very own glucometer (can you rent those??), meal plan, and “education”. Whatever that means… my pamphlet does say “3 hours”, so at least it will be lengthy.

The good news: I have no family history of diabetes. I am not overweight. I guess that means that once the baby slips right out of there, I’m golden. Basically, the doctor explained it as my body, fighting the baby for sugar. Now that’s a funny image. I think that it’s really just the fates, informing me that I am not destined for the 12 children my loins long for. Shoot. Time for plan B.


  1. Hi Brooks,

    Amy Spicer here, I found your blog through Cami's and I am so glad. I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh. Congrats on baby numero 3! Its so fun to keep in touch. Your boys are so cute!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about the diabetes. That really sucks. My mom had it and ended up pushing out a 12 pound baby! Yeah, so good luck with that. :)

    --By the way, I was a little behind on your blog and died laughing when I heard the song the boys were dancing to! Can we still go clubb'n? I would love to go with you. I have that song on my ipod and it makes for a fun run.
    My girls love Weezer.

  3. Sorry friend. It's no fun, but maybe you won't have a massive baby this way! I have a meter, and I think I even know where it is. I think I still have strips and needles too, if you would like it. Actually, I think your insurance should cover it.

  4. I'm so sorry you have to watch what you eat, that was the whole point of pregnancy eat now lose it all later. If I offer you something to eat in the future that you can't eat, just hit me over the head and say "Idiot" (I learned that word from 101 Dalmations).

  5. I know your loins long for 12 kids... but maybe you'll have to stick with 6 or 7. Tell your loins to quiet down.

    For the record... I'm laughing. Hard. And spitting. That's gross, I know. But we all do it.

    Speaking of things we all do...remember that book, "Everybody Poops"? Now that's a doozie of a read. Shoot, I was looking for a youtube link to post here. Unfortunately, all I could find was a girl, in her underwear, no less, reading the book. I won't put you through that horror.

    P.S. Good luck with the blood sugar monitor thing. "Glucometer", was it? I know how you feel about needles and such.

  6. I'm so sorry. That stinks. I guess it could always be worse though, right? Good luck. I'm sure you'll be very educated after all is done! Take care!

  7. only you could turn something so borring into a great read! i really miss your happiness! don't get 2 board with the education, think happy thoughts!

  8. Oh man! Brooks, I know you are an awesome bakerwoman - you dont need to fight baby for something sweet. just make more!
    that stinks though. it seems like its hard enough to find something you want to eat when your pregnant and now you have to regulate the options? i'm sorry. good luck.