Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Other Reality TV Show News:

Does this dude scare anyone else? I don’t plan on posting each week about American Idol, so you can breathe a sigh of relief, but this guy can no longer be ignored.

Let’s forget for just one moment his sexual ambiguity. Perhaps he can sing… I know I can’t hit the notes he does. But his singing troubles me in, oh, so many ways. Take this week’s “Grand Ole Opry” performance of Johnny Cash’s legendary “Ring of Fire”. The longer it went on, the more it sounded like a searing ballad describing the woes of an STD. Indeed, I have heard that some of them, “Burn, burn, burn…” but I am certain that STD’s only and not love, burn in the whiny way that Adam portrayed.  I just can’t handle it.

If you love him, please don’t hate me. I just can’t stand theatrics. Thinking of him gives me the willies. For the record, my loyalties lie with Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey. Amazing.


Others issues my hit list:

Megan Joy Corkrey: The ridiculous dancing must stop.

Scott MacIntyre: America is not so heartless as to vote off a blind man, especially one who can sing and play the piano. Welcome to the top 3!


  1. Alright, this post had me giggling....especially when you wrote that the ridiculous dancing must stop. It really must! Also, the Adam guy is SCARY!

  2. I love your comments on American Idol. You summed up Adam so well - his performance last night was hideous! I really wanted to turn off my TV. I'm glad to see that my opinion was shared.

    I love reading your blog! Your posts bring a smile to my face, especially the one on pregnancy lies.

  3. I just found you blog on the Clark's blog and thought I'd shout out a hello. How are you? You're having another boy? I didn't know you were expecting. Congrats! What are your favorite names? How's dental school going? Do you like your house? (I know 21 questions...) Hope all is well and good luck with the pregnancy!

  4. You are the funnest girl ever! We must be on wrong track because I love Megan, her dancing makes me smile and her voice is great. And Adam i agree last night "Ring of Fire" was really bad but the other songs are great, he is weird but entertaining! I am also voting for Danny.
    Love you blog!

  5. He reminds me of Michael Jackson

  6. UGH!! I just pulled him up to see what he was about and watched his "Ring of Fire." He is sadistic. He comes off as evil, giving me the dirtiest feeling. Can I say, he better get voted off.

  7. hey brooks, like your blog.
    TEAM DANNY! i love him. and LIL is in a close second but please america quit voting for the blind man. i'll say it, he's not that good and he wouldn't have got this far if he wasn't hanicapped.

  8. brooks i'm so glad to see you have a blog. ive tried to comment on it a few times, but for some reason my stupid internet was causing me troubles and it wouldnt work. isie says to tell ethan hi. we hope everything is great in las vegas and sunny. thanks for the congrats. we are so excited. sydney

  9. You are too cute Brookie! Adam is emo or at least that is what I was told, and emo (for those of us that don't know) is a cross between skater and goth. This being said, I do not think he is gay. But I don't really care, he can sing. His thing is theater. Also, the Ring of Fire rendition was from Nine Inch Nails so it wasn't his version but it was awful and very disturbing.

    Megan needs to learn to dance or hold still. She is cute and bubbly but the dancing (twisting) needs to stop. I am with you, GO ALLISION AND DANNY!!!!