Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Song

When I was pregnant with Ethan, I was called as a nursery worker in our Ward. One Sunday, as Josh and I were in charge of singing time, the most adorable 2 year old, Hailey, requested to sing "Hey, Mama". I had no idea what Primary song she could be thinking of, and asked her to sing it for me. I was appalled as the toddler in front of me belted out, "Hey, Mama, shake that booty real fast. Ah, hey, Mama!" What kind of mother listens to Black-Eyed Peas in front of her child enough that she could actually memorize the words?! 

That was then. This is today. Here is a video of my sons, dancing to their new favorite song:

I thought that it was cute... I hope you enjoyed it. A deep and most sincere apology goes out to Hailey's Mom... wherever you are.


  1. It is cute! Funny our oppinions change as we have kids! Jared watched it too. He just informed me " 'ems funny mom" and he wants to watch it again...thanks for the entertainment and dancing lessons.

  2. That was amazing. Your boys "be gangsta". Nice work... I really like the beanie accesorizing also. Nice touch! Go Ethan and Sloan!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!! Gangster style you have the cutest boys.

  4. Too funny! I loved it! I use to make "judgments" at my cousing because of the songs her little 3 year old knew, until one day in the car, this song came on and I glanced in my rearview mirror to Carson dancing and mouthing, "low-low-low-low-low-low-low-low!" I had no idea he knew this song!!! Glad your boys like it too!

    And yes..Adam Lambert from American Idol gives me the willies too. Yet...he really can sing. (sometimes I wish he couldn't, so he'd be history!) Go Danny Boy though!

  5. Mmmm... I forgot to mention... "I am gettin' so hot, I'm gonna take my 'sock' off!"