Monday, August 22, 2011

My Wild Things

So after our adventures on the peninsula, and all around Seattle, we still had tickets left in our City Pass that were good for a few more days. One of these was to the Woodland Park Zoo, which we could just not pass up... even though I had to take all three boys there alone. As apprehensive as I was, it was so much fun!! We spent most of the day there. We took it kind of leisurely as we made sure to see all of the exhibits and took time out for lunch in the food court.

Our day in pictures:

Finally seeing the penguins! They talked about them for days leading up to this.
They were, by far, the smelliest exhibit.

It was raining on the drive over there and for the beginning of the park. (Hence, the gross hair and hoods.) But right after this awesome dinosaur exhibit, it cleared up and didn't rain again until we were about to head home.
What a perfect day!

My boys in the gift shop, riding the dinosaur. Mason still talks about this...

After lunch, we spied a face-painting tent and I decided to have my wild things made over for the occasion!

My finished Wild Things!!
Ethan: Leopard, Sloan: Lion,
Mason: Supposed to be a puppy but since he wouldn't let the lady finish, he looks more like a baby seal...

Look! A baby seal riding a pony!

This wasn't Zoo Day, but I decided to throw it in just the same. Mom took us all to see Cars 2.
Pretty cute movie. Thanks Grandma!

As you can tell, we had oodles of fun in Seattle this summer. Thank you again, Grandma for the tickets and making our summer so memorable! The boys can't wait to come see you again!

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