Monday, August 1, 2011


It's been forever since I blogged. In fact, so long since I really blogged that I've been putting it off longer than I had to because the task of catching up became too daunting.

But today is the day! Or rather, today is the beginning. My posts are going to be overloaded with pictures since it's been so long, I need to break the posts up.

Today we are going to start with a summary of what our summer has been like:

In May Josh graduated Dental School (See multiple posts below...) and we decided to just get our move on sooner than later and ordered a POD for the week after graduation. It was a crazy week, but we were happy to be on our way to see some family.

We started our trip in Fallon, NV to see Josh's parents. After a few fun days there, we headed further north to Boise and stayed just overnight with Josh's sister, Angela. After that, we drove the rest of the way to my home away from home this summer, Seattle, WA! I gotta say, I did enjoy being able to go outside this summer! The last three have been spent hibernating away from the Vegas sun... We did so many fun things, this is the main reason I can't do all my catch up right here! (Stay tuned!!) Mom took such good care of us, maybe too good! My boys keep asking me what else we're going to do! Thank you for a super fun summer, Grandma!

Josh left for BOLC June 8th, and the boys, Grandma, and I were on our own! We had a great visit with Aunt Sami and Andi who came to see us (Stay tuned!!). After one exciting event after another the end of our stay came. The boys and I left Seattle on July 19th, beginning our 33-hour trip to Oklahoma. Of course, this was exciting, too. We started by going down to Boise for more time with Bingham cousins and after a few days took off for Heber, UT for time with all the Gailey and Munson cousins. My boys were ANGELS in the car! I really kid you not. They took a vote at one point and decided that they didn't want to stop for lunch if it meant getting to Heber faster! Too bad mommy's bladder needed a break around Tremonton!

The boys played their little hearts out in Utah for a few days and by Sunday night we were packed and ready to hit the road on Monday morning. Unfortunately, my boys also picked up a little bug that began late Sunday night! Sloan puked all over the guest room around midnight (Sorry again, Janalee!!) and I quickly followed suit. Ethan made it until we were pulling out of the driveway Monday morning (the show must go on!!) when he puked in the Tupperware I had the foresight to provide!! We were quite the traveling circus that day!

Monday night we made it to Colorado Springs, CO to see our good friends, the Liljenquists, (after a 10 hour drive!!) and had a blast at their beautiful new house! Tuesday morning we were on our way to Garden City, KS where we spent the night in a hotel and went swimming and dined on pizza in the hotel room; a much needed relaxed day for Mom!! The drive was only 4 hours!

Wednesday we made the rest of the 6 hours in a straight shot (Thank you, Red Box!!) and pulled into our new driveway around 4:00 pm. Josh had unloaded our POD completely by himself and I was able to unpack the kitchen and make beds before nightfall. The last few days have been a blur of boxes, but I am happy to say that we only have a few things left! I'll post pictures when Josh has time to finish his "Honey Do" list.

The point is this: We have made it safely to Oklahoma! We are loving being home together and now are just trying to prep Ethan and Sloan for the first day of school on August 17th! I've learned that we are where we're supposed to be. (On Thursday my neighbor came to introduce herself and it turns out that she's the YW President here and behind me is the Primary President! The sweetest couple from our Branch brought us cookies last night, and we thoroughly enjoyed church in the Anadarko Branch yesterday!) The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I guess that includes a move to Oklahoma!!

Thank you to all of you who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to all of you who made our trip/summer the best it could be. We miss you all and hope to see you again soon. Remember, we do have a spare room and an air mattress!! Enticing, I know!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you made it and survived your trip. You're a champ to do all that traveling by yourself. I can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful new house. I met a family last week who just moved here from Oklahoma. They said they loved it there and really miss it :)

  2. Hooray that you made it! You'll be Okies in no time.