Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are finally settled in our new home in Oklahoma! So far, we love it here! The people are so nice. Too bad the bugs are just as friendly...

I just wanted to post some pictures of our place, mostly for family, to be able to see where we are. So without further ado:

Master Bedroom. We L-O-V-E the tray ceiling!!

Kitchen. The vaulted ceilings are nice, even if it echoes like a cave in here!
Thank goodness we found a place with a bar... I don't know where we would have put our stools otherwise!

Dining area. The setup in this house was different than what we're used to, so we had to re-arrange a few things, but we think it works... like the armoire? Josh had a few "honey do" projects and this was one of the first! I love the color!
Oh, and we got a fish. Ethan campaigned pretty hard for a dog, so this is his consolation prize. We started with three and within 24 hours were down by two. Ah well. Nemo, Cleo, or Goldie is doing great!

Entry Way. Come on in a stay a while, y'all!

Living area. We love the built-ins!
Don't mind the mantle... decorating it is a work in progress.

Boys' Bedroom. Yep. I've got all three of them in one, big, room! They love it and I love having a craft room across the hall with a lock on it and a window that helps me keep an eye on them in the backyard.
Plus, they LOVE the new bunk beds!

Boys' Bedroom Other Side. "Honey do" project #2. Looks like a completely different dresser!

*Not pictured:
Front. You've seen it already.
Back: The grass is dead. I'll post pictures when I've resurrected it, despite the drought.
Bathrooms 1 & 2: They're bathrooms. I love the master bath, but you can pretty much fill in the blanks with your imagination.
Craft Room: It's card season. I'll post that one when I'm tidy...
Garage: Work in progress. Anyone know where to recycle boxes...?


  1. SUPER CUTE!! I love it!! I love the way you decorate. Can't wait to come visit you guys sometime.

  2. Love it, no wonder you had gone to school to be an interior decorator, your a natural. When I have my dream house I'll hire you and fly you out here to do it!!! Keep a spot open for me in like 5 years :)