Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ethan's Big Day!

Ethan had a really big week. Or rather, I think , I did. My baby is growing up and there's nothing that I can do to stop it. Again, how long until I'm allowed to have a mid-life crisis?

We began the week with a Kindergartner and a full-set of primary teeth. I'm sure that you can see where I am going with this...

We ended the week with a 1st Grader and a less-than-full set of primary teeth.

Pictures. I'm good with pictures.

Singing "Macarena Math".

Class of 2022!

Shaking hands with the principal, Ms. Newton.
Please excuse the blurry nature of the photos...
someone may or may not have licked my camera lens with frosting saliva.

My hole-y not-so-baby.

In Memoriam:
Baby Tooth P

January 23rd, 2005 - June 6th, 2010


  1. Not P!!! Any tooth but P!!!... How much did the tooth fairy give him for it anyway? If it was under $15 then he got JIPPED cuz that's how much the tooth fairy from Lexington pays!! -Bart

    Congratulations Ethan! We are so proud of you for graduating from Kindergarten! We love you so much. And good job on loosing your tooth!

  2. Awww. I got teary eyed over this. Blast. He's a handsome young man. Class of 2022? Yikes... I think I'll have a mid-life crisis now, right along with you. (Completely allowed).

  3. I can't believe you didn't call to tell me about "P!" (Incidentally, for those of us reading your blog who have not had any dental schooling, so explanation of "P" would have been helpful; good thing I have Aunt Jana around!) Don't worry---you'll have a lot more reasons for mid-life crises in the next fifteen years. You don't want to rush it and diminish the glory of a full-blown crisis!

  4. Aw, so sad yet so happy. I can't see myself with a kindergartener...let alone a 1st grader! It's all happening so fast!

  5. I may or may not have gotten teary-eyed when Jenna's first tooth fell out. Gah!!! 2025 will be here before we know it!

  6. Yikes! 2022! He is so darn cute, I can't even stand it! Congrats on such a big the both of you! And yeah, I completely forgot you lived in Vernal! How funny. We didn't make it all the way to Colorado, but my kids still loved it!

  7. awwww...I will miss that little Kindergartner. He is a sweet boy and an awesome student! Good Luck in 1st grade!