Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cougar Town

We already know that Ethan has some high expectations for his future Mrs. If you can't recall, see here. Last night just before bed (as this seems to be the time when my children open up to me most...) he enlightened me as to further qualifications for his future spouse.

Upon picking up my People magazine, he saw this add on the inside cover and took notice:

"Well, now! That's a pretty girl."
"Oh yeah? She's a little old for you, buddy." said I, remembering that, according to the People Birthday Calendar, she is 40 years his senior. "Maybe you'll have to set your sights closer to home."
"I don't know. Lots of girls are pretty but plain."
"Yeah? What other girls do you think are pretty?" I said, fishing for names of girls in his class to scout out when I am volunteering next...
"Well. . . I like this one. . ." he said, poking his finger at Kim Kardashian's face on the magazine's cover.

Ah, well. Not that I wouldn't mind being Julia Robert's mother-in-law...


  1. Hey! At least you wouldn't ever have to worry about him moving back in with you, if his wife was Julia Roberts!

  2. Not to sound redundant, but I'm sending Jenna's school picture tomorrow. It pretty much looks like that one of Julia Roberts anyway.

  3. I can't believe I forgot to tell you that this post melted my butter... made me smile and laugh and miss your boys something fierce. Well done. Having fun in Seattle? Miss you.

  4. That fact that you look just like Julia Roberts tells me he really just loves his mom still!!!