Saturday, October 30, 2010


Symfully Sweet Saturday

Well, folks. It's that time again to link up with Sami over at Symmetry in Motion for this month's Symfully Sweet Saturday! Rest assured, I did not take this month's competition laying down. Allow me to fill you in:

To help keep the competition interesting, I had a strong desire to try my hand in the culinary section of my store of creativity. It began with these little beauties and evolved (I'm sorry... snowballed) from there. As you continue to read, you'll see I got way out of hand.

Yes, cupcakes. But not just any cupcake. Vanilla cupcakes with a Buttercream Candy Corn frosting. Wait. Did she just say "Buttercream Candy Corn"? Why yes, she did.

Who knew that they made such a thing? Turns out this cute little site makes just about everything. I even picked up some "Candy Apple" flavoring to spice up the Apple Spiced Cuppies I made last year.

That's all well and good, but how did they taste?

One reviewer had this to say, "Mom, you should make these again!" Need I say more?

Lest you think I forgot the inside. It didn't go as planned, I'll admit. It was supposed to be layers, like, well, Candy Corn. Ah well, I accept.
They're cute anyway, right?

Even with these cute little cuppies in the holster, I could not be done. It might have been all the candy corn coursing through my veins over the last week, but I could not stop. Hmm... cupcakes mean birthdays. Birthdays mean parties. At least, in my world, it does. What next?

Aw. Now that's a cute little handmade box of Candy Corn. Oh, wait...

Keep turning...

Ah, gee! Now that's just darling! It's a treat and an invitation?! You say I get an invitation to the party of the year as well as an ounce of Candy Corn?! Where do I sign?

I'm sorry. Your mouth is so full of delicious treats that I cannot understand you. Come again? Oh! You say that the positively sinful sweetness of my cupcakes has made you thirsty? May I offer you refreshment...?

And since no party would be complete without an edible parting gift, I present:

Party Favors a la Brooks: The Candy Corn Cake Pop. Original recipe, courtesy of the baking diva herself: Bakerella. Design and yummy execution: yours truly.

Does life get any sweeter than this? I submit not.


  1. Holy candy corn, Brooks! I'm glad I didn't compete this month. You win. Hands down. I'm voting for you!

  2. Oh wow! That's amazing. I need to watch you make cake pops sometime. I tried them once and it was a big messy disaster. I need some of your creative advice on something I'm planning for next month. I'll email you...

  3. Ooo! I love the cupcakes! my mouth is watering! And the pops look pretty cool too! You definitely came out swinging this month!

  4. I'm incredibly baffled that there's such a thing as candy corn flavoring?!
    You sure gave the competition a run for their money!
    Judge #1

  5. Okay sister, you proved your're so much more creative than me. Now stop showing off!
    Okay, don't. I need you to keep participating. You set the bar, my friend.
    Too bad Ethan used up all the candy corn flavoring for his "concoction", or I totally would have made you make me some of those cupcakes while I was there!

  6. It's all so stinking cute, and it looks super tasty too!

    - Judge #2

  7. Those candycorn cupcakes look like they are to die for! Yum!

  8. That is adorable! I love it all!
    Who knew they had Candy Corn flavoring?? Sheesh!

  9. serious sweetness!! Love the little box invite, cute!

  10. Every single thing is AWESOME!!! No wonder why you are the winner... well deserved, well deserved!!! :)