Monday, February 15, 2010


Denial-I knew that Tenley wasn't likely to forgo the fantasy suite, but wanted so badly for her to. I realize that would put her "behind" the other girls in the running, but oh, how it would make her and her morals stand out.

Anger- "Vienna just, Vienna's just always herself and I can tell and that puts me at ease." Whoa, I was waaay off. I guess her bleached teeth, hair extensions, spray tan, and breast implants got in the way of my seeing the real, not fake, Vienna. My apologies.

Bargaining- I tried to put myself in Jake's position tonight, just to see if I could see even a smidgen of what he sees in Vienna. Honestly, couldn't really do it. Here's what I came up with: Good birthin' hips? Yep. That's all I got.

Depression- I really was sad to see Gia go. Saw it coming, sure, but was sad all the same. It was made even harder when she took it like such a champ in her last chat with Jake. (See Quote of the Night, below.)

Acceptance- I was surprisingly okay with the phone call from Ali. I am actually happy that Jake didn't pull a "Jillian" and let her come back after choosing work over him. I think that I'm over the whole situation.

Quote of the night: "Don't be sorry. I know that, um, I haven't been the most open. I know that I'm slow-moving at this and opening up. If there was more time maybe it would have been different, but there's not more time and, you know, this is the conclusion. But you came here to find something and you didn't find it in me. I wasn't able to give you what you needed. There's two other great girls here and I totally understand and if they weren't great girls I would sit here and tell you that you made a wrong decision, but I don't think that you did, so, I'm happy for you." - Gia


  1. Than's quote of the night-"I hate Vienna. She's dog ugly. She looks like a German Shepherd." I think she looks like a German Shepherd who has been hit by a car and left with residual brain damage. Jake left my circle of likeable last night.

  2. I like your post better than mine this week. I blame it on the fact I'm sick, or maybe I was seeing spots from weeding too much vinyl...but my creativitiy was at an all time low. Gia was certainly a champ!

  3. It made me sick the whole episode that he slept with all 3 women. Ew, Ew and a double Ew for sleeping with Vienna. She is just....I have no words. Just Ew. I fear for him if he picks Vienna.

  4. I missed the frist half, but was sad at all since it takes place on a beach (aka half naked) and then the whole let me sleep with you you and you deal going on. I was bummbed that Vienna is still around...but whatever he is being stupid...or really smart and making his next "rose ceremony" super easy. Gia did handle getting dumbed really well, I felt bad for her. I liked her (not so much her laugh though) I bet Allie is all lined up for Bachelorette...what do ya think?
    I have to say I am kind of looking forward to next week when the ladies all get together and that crazy emotional chick comes back. Ahhh good times. I am sure.