Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just can't hold it in...

Just got our Christmas card photos back. I love them! (Of course, some arm-fat photoshopping could have been in order... turns out, elastic cap-sleeves=not flattering...)

All the same, I still LOVE them, so I can't wait until my card comes out to share. This is one of the awesome "didn't-make-it-to-the-card-but-made-it-to-my-heart" rejects. Stay tuned for more...

If you're in the Vegas area, and you are looking for a rocking photographer:


  1. Can't wait to see them...are you guys going to Fallon over the break at all? It might be fun if we could come at the same time if you are!

  2. I sure hope I am getting one of those rocking cards this year!

  3. What arm fat are you talking about? I'd kill for your arms!!!

  4. Man, I want cute family pictures. Where ever we are I can never find someone I'm inlove with. Can't wait to see yours....this is too much of a tease.

    *ps...I also commented on the post below.

  5. BROOKS MY LOVE!!! I absolutely adore this concept!!!! The xmas hats....the palm trees....ummmm.... LOVE IT! How much did this guy charge?? We are needing to do some family pics and individuals of our big 1 YEAR OLD!