Friday, December 11, 2009

Livin' the dream.

I've often wondered as a housewife, what it would be like to find myself the employer of various household help. I dream of having a maid, butler, or a cook. I am sure that I am not alone. Today, I took a step into the life of the rich and famous as I woke up and found myself face to face with my own, sticky, chocolate-covered butler.

"We made you breakfast in bed, Mom!"

How sweet. However, it was not yet 6:30 and the baby was still sleeping. Nothing short of a hostage crisis was going to pry me out of the warm comfort of my sheets. The idea of cleaning Carnation Instant Breakfast out of my carpet put the brakes on the whole deal.

"Thank you very much! Please don't try to bring it upstairs by yourself. The baby will be up soon, and then I will be down to join you for breakfast."

The baby did not wake until 9:00. He's never done that.

As the old adage goes and still applies in the Gailey household, "You snooze, you lose.". Finding a warm 1/4 gallon of milk, soggy cereal, and the last two packets of Instant Breakfast wasted on my kitchen table made me sad. Oh well, how about a raincheck, Geeves?

My wasted breakfast, complete with tray for convenience.

My new employees.
*Notice the chocolate on their noses and chins. Butlering is very hard work, indeed.

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  1. This is super cute! :) Gotta love kids they're so sweet!