Monday, July 6, 2009


Four men. One girl. Three roses. . . and one ugly dress.

I have never been big on boycotts before. --Perhaps it stems from the life-long ban of delicious Twix candy-bars from my childhood home brought about by the ad campaign, "Two for me, none for you". Mom still hates Twix.-- But I ask for your help tonight after having watched tonight's Bachelorette. Please join me in boycotting all things Wes Hayden. Please do not buy his albums and please, whatever you do, do not download his single, "Love Don't Come Easy". 

I appreciate your compliance with this matter.


  1. I'm with you sister! I still, to this day, feel a little guilty any time I eat a Twix bar, but this is one boycott I can get behind! Heather and I even backed it up to make sure we heard him right when he turned to the other guys before the rose ceremony and said: "if it's me, just know that I'll be home, having a LOT of sex..." OH! And let's not forget when he's in the limo (why did HE get a limo anyway?) and says: "I'm the only man in bachelor history to make it to the final 4 with a girlfriend". I hope you choke on your own CD Wes!!!

  2. I agree with you Brookli & Sami - I was disturbed... especially with the "I'm the only man in bachelor history to make it to the final 4 with a girlfriend." DIE WES!

    That's all... love you.

  3. Don't worry Brooks, I have no intention of buying his cd. I don't like country anyway but I sure as heck don't like crappy, head up his butt, piece-o-crap, sore loser, jerk country singers. It actually made me laugh to see his reaction in the Limo b/c he totally looked like even though he was playing her he was upset that she dumped him. ha ha!

  4. Oh I SEVERELY dislike him! I had some girlfriends over and our jaws DROPPED when he made certain comments. He is such a pig! I will with pleasure boycott all things Wes. If I had a Wes voodoo doll, I would take rusty scissors and cut off certain body parts. Morbid, I know, but he doesn't deserve his own manhood.

  5. Hi, I'm Sam's friend from next door. I don't know if she told you but the loser actually got what he wanted from the show. My husband heard on the radio that he is the opening act for Joe Nichols. I couldn't believe it! I hope the boo him!