Monday, July 27, 2009

Before the After the Final Rose


I reject your reality and substitute my own. 

Ed was the wrong one for anyone the moment he pulled out those green, shorty-short shorts. Let's set aside for a moment the fact that he abandoned you for his work, or even that he looks like a bug. Let's even forget his E.D. and lack of passion. You two are just too different; mark my words, this relationship is over before it has begun.

I don't blame you for sending Kiptyn home. First, the name. I don't know how you get past the name. Second, the eyes. Just thinking of them makes me shiver. I swear, they are red.

I do, however, blame you for sending Reid home. What were you thinking? I guess you really hate perfection, eh? Jake and Reid ought to start a club...

What I don't understand, is the counter on my TiVo. I was perplexed that I was watching Ed and Kiptyn riding in limos to propose to you only 1 hour into the show. I was amazed that there was a solid 15 minutes spent watching you and Reid hug each other. I was proud that they finally gave Chris Harrison a bigger part by way of offering advice to the Bachelorette. Way to go, ABC. I didn't see that coming.


  1. I have to say that Reid was my first choice from the I was bummbed when she sent him home and confused when he came back and bummed when she sent him home again. Between Kipton and Ed...I picked Ed. But that is probably becuase I missed the week with the itty bitty tiny weeny shorts...I didn't see them until the end of the show...she can fix that though.

  2. I'm bummed. The whole season was insincere and weird. I liked Jake. That's all.

  3. well, i watched it just for you! and i thought of you the whole time! jake even watched, i think he nearly vomitted on more than one occasion! i was bummed that she picked ed too. i liked reid, just from the 15 minutes of hugging i saw! i'm recording the "after the rose" show tonight. i think you got me hooked... well for at least 2 episodes!

  4. Awww, I liked Ed. And I liked the shorts. I don't know, maybe it stems from my roots of growing up wearing 70's clothes from the thrift store. My brother has some and I think they're hilarious. I really liked Reid and Jake but when they weren't an option, I would've chosen Ed over Kiptyn anyday. Did Kiptyn's head get stuck in a vice when he was little? Just say'n.

  5. I must say that I really like Ed and that he was, in fact, my favorite. Yes, it was dumb of him to leave her for his job, but he DID come back because he realized he'd made a mistake and sought to repent:) Reid had difficulty communicating his feelings and didn't have what she wanted... commitment. I'm not saying he's not a great guy, because I still think he's a dear, but I was pretty stoked when she chose Ed in the end. I even took a picture outside of his apartment building in Chicago when Ross and I took a little trip there this last weekend! What can I say... I'm Jillian/Ed fan all the way:)