Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wake-up Call.

Many of you, like me, may wonder at what age you should insist your child leave you alone while you shower. The answer is:  Sometime before five. Turns out, even boys are much more observant than you might think. Then again, boys do become men.

Evidence supporting this conclusion came across my path this week in the form of Ethan’s artwork.





Currently, we are displaying his craft in his room… not sure where it should go from there. Just how much more trauma can I impose…? On the plus side, at least he was more generous with my “nimbles” than was Mother Nature.

FYI: Monday’s FHE was all about privacy. Not a bad topic for the week, I’d say.


  1. thats hillarious! We actually made it a rule at our house that the kids cant come in our bedroom without asking. Just for that same reason. Good luck! Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh my, you are well endowed in his mind aren't you? This is hilarious! Ohhhh, Ethan.

  3. This was too funny...I laughed out loud to myself. :)

  4. That's so funny. We had to start banishing the girls when they would forget, mid-sentence, what they were saying because they were busy staring at Rex. And I hope, for your sake, your nimbles are not each as big as your belly.

  5. That is so great! Fun for all I am sure. I bet Josh wouldn't mind keeping the picture :P Have fun with the Privacy lesson!

  6. Thanks for answering this question for me...I was laughing pretty hard...nice picture Ethan!

  7. Fabulous - I think this is my favorite post. Awesome stuff. He's quite artistic! I laughed so hard I had your mom pull it up to look.

  8. Aa HAHA! I think I'll be laughing about that all day! Ethan...he's a thinker isn't he!