Sunday, May 10, 2009

According to Ethan

This is 1/3 of my Mother's Day present from Ethan:

What I like and know about my mother: ( as transcribed by Ethan's preschool teacher)

My favorite thing that I like to do with my mother is: Share video games.
I like it best when my mother: Plays games.
My mom looks the prettiest when: She blows her hair.
My mom is funniest when she: Spits and stuff.
My favorite dinner that my mom makes is: Macaroni and Cheese.
My mom's favorite color is: Pink.
My mom's hair is: Black.
My mom's eyes are: Blue.
My mom is (  7  ) years old. Her name is: Brooks Gailey.
I love my mom because: When baby Mason is in my mommy looks so beautiful.
If I could give her any gift in the whole world it would be: A Doll.
(Ethan loves secret movie night!)

I'll let you decide for yourselves which of these is factual, and which one made a very hormonal me break down in a weepy mess.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that I know and love.


  1. Your hair may not be black... but your son sure knows how to tug at your heart strings. :)

  2. Any kid who thinks their mom looks beautiful when she feels like a beached whale deserves a million hugs!