Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a Week!


The Senior Gala. Josh wasn't going to go, but was told by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs that he had to go. Glad we did. Not only was it fun, but he and three of his classmates were chosen by Delta Dental for an award for student leadership. The award came with a significant monetary prize, which made the night even more fun!
Oh, and Josh danced with me. First time since our wedding! I know you wish you could have seen that...
Oh, and notice the stylish accessory on my wrist? That means that Josh forgot to buy us booze passes. Shoot...


Many of you received an invitation to our Open House for Josh. It was a specially-themed dessert bar. You can't read the sign well in this picture, but it says, "Dr. Gailey's Sweet-Tooth Cafe". It wasn't terrifically attended so there were a LOT of leftovers, but we had a good time! Thank you to all who made it out.
We loved sharing Josh's big week with you!


Josh's Dental School Commencement where he received his doctoral hood.
In the above picture is Dean Karen West giving him his commemorative medallion.

Family picture after the graduation. The kids were ready to be done, and I'm pretty sure that the picture is smeary because I was using the camera to placate a restless two-year-old.

After the commencement, Josh and I treated all those who came to dinner at BJ's Brewery.
Best pizza in the world!!
(Seriously, if you ever manage to make it there, try "The Great White". You will not be disappointed.)
Needless to say, it was a long week for our boys, and as you can tell, it tuckered out a few of them...
Thank you to all of you that made it, even if only for 24 hours. It was great to see you!


Saturday morning was Josh's military advancement ceremony.
He is now officially a "Captain" in the US Army!
I have no idea what the beaver face is about...

The University of Nevada Las Vegas Graduation.
Baby, you make robes look good!
We were there for four hours, and the crowd was HUGE!
Thank you to Maggie and Jeff for watching the kids for us!

Overall, it was a good week, but much too busy for home-bodies like us. Now we're just looking forward to kicking back and, um, packing?


  1. Wow, it was a busy week for you! We just wish that we could have participated in the madness :) Good luck packing!

  2. So sorry we missed the party. Life has been crazy around here lately and we spaced it. A hearty congratulations to all of you for making it through these years.

  3. Andrea's comments: She likes your dress and thinks you look pretty (at the Gala) and "I really liked those cupcake pops. They were really good!!!"

  4. Congratulations to you both for surviving all the schooling!

  5. Man, I would've taken ALL of those yummy treats away for you. I want them...infact I may or may not be making a trip to the bakery now. :) Congrats to you both! What a long hard road! When do you move??

  6. You're hot. Have I told you that lately? Congrats to you and Josh. And your boys are beyond handsome. P.S. Seriously, you're hot.

  7. So sorry I missed all the festivities! You all look great and Hooray for Josh!!! He did it! By the way... Did you save any of the sweet tooth shop to bring along to Seattle???

  8. I wish we could have been there!!! I wanted to help you with your sweet tooth party. It looked amazing! Congratulation on everything. Hope you end up in Europe. Hope we can come visit :)

  9. Holy Cow you guys have been busy! Congratulations to Josh!! I bet you are so excited!!