Saturday, September 25, 2010


Symfully Sweet Saturday

So, I'm actually subjecting myself to what they call a "linky-party". Whatever that is... It started as me, trying to make my sister (over at Symmetry in Motion) feel like she's not a loser, and then it turned into fun. You see, she's hosting this contest called "Symfully Sweet Saturdays" and was afraid that no one would participate. As a general rule, I don't participate in contests because I don't ever win, but being the devoted sister that I am, I couldn't let her down. That's just how I roll...

Take a moment and check the links I supplied. I'll wait...

So, now if you've done the required reading associated with the links above, you should know what this contest is all about. Now, I will give you the assignment: Tootsie Rolls!

I had no idea what to do until I got my latest order from Stampin' Up!. Gosh, I love that company. In that order happened to be THE MOST DARLING Owl Punch. I was inspired.

So, without further ado: My project. I hope that you think that it is as cute as I do...

The Tootsie Pop goodie bag!

Look Familiar??

And of course, what is a Tootsie Roll challenge without actual Tootsie Rolls??

Happy Voting!

*For the record, I am aware that the text for the Tootsie Roll Pillow Box should have been white and not black. Unfortunately, the size constraints of the pillow box determined the impossible nature of hand-cutting letters in the correct font. I'm only 27. I don't need arthritis... yet.


  1. What a good sister you are to play along! I love you, Booger!
    Those turned out so cute! Perhaps I can play with your owl punch when I am there in...27 days?!

  2. So cute! Gotta love that owl. I tried to find out how many licks so many times when I was a kid, never did find out.

  3. How adorable! My girls are too old for me to make such cute little things anymore so I'll be passing this along to my BF for her little ones!

  4. OMGosh love it, super cute. I so need to get my crafty on :). Good luck, just had to swing by and check out what you did.

    New follower too.