Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Sister!

Sloan is probably my most interesting boy. He gets along very well with girls, loves to play house, and his favorite color, despite the merciless teasing of his older brother, is pink. I would worry about him and being able to fit in when he starts school, but he also loves to do "boy" things, too.

One of his most interesting attributes is his imagination. I am certain that (along with his good looks...) he got my creative genius. Lucky boy, indeed.

This evening, while putting him to bed, he announces:

"I've lost my sister."
"That's because you don't have a sister."
"Oh, I've got a sister. I just can't find her."

Now, I am a person who believes that children can somehow know things that we don't, so in my excitement I probed further:

"What do you mean?"
"I have a sister, but I can't find her, so I've lost her." Rolling his eyes and holding his hands out in explanation, like this makes it quite plain.
"Sloan, you don't have a sister. Who is Sister?"

Sloan tired of our conversation and was in no mood to give further explanation to his slow mother. Luckily, Josh was enlightened and had just come into the room.

"Sister?" he says, "I know who she is."
"Who is Sister, and how do you know?"
"Deggy told me." (Deggy is Sloan's favorite stuffed bear.) "After he finished his prayer, of course."

Please, allow me to introduce, Sister:

Apparently, my dreams of having a daughter were satisfied with a toy from the dollar section of Michaels. Go me.


  1. Hilarious! I was desperately hoping, from the title, that you were announcing something fabulous!!! Kennon misses your boys. Yesterday he want them to come play and insisted that I needed to call and ask you if they could come over! Love ya!

  2. What a fabulous story! I too thought there might be an announcement involved; especially since Cari told Megan that her little brother wanted to come long before Meg was pregnant with Jonas! I do hope "Sister" has been found!

  3. So Sorry Brooks!!! My computer posted this before I was done writing it! Check back now to get the full story! ANd might have been happier with just a couple of pictures, because this is the LONGEST post I've ever done! My apologies.