Thursday, May 6, 2010


I recently enjoyed a wonderful weekend with some of my girlfriends at Red Rock Spa. It was fabulous! I indulged in a Swedish massage, pampered my piggies with a pedicure, and discovered the fabulousness that is a hand massage during a manicure. We enjoyed dinner at the buffet, entertainment at the Cinema, and a night away from crying babies in the hotel. It was amazing, relaxing, and so good to catch up with friends I don't get to see often enough. (Sadly, I'm a terrible oaf and didn't remember my camera to get any pictures of this amazing weekend... Oh, wait... what's this that I stole from Maggie's blog?)

The four Musketeers who braved the hotel, spa, and luncheon. Yeah. We're real troopers.

And what did My Boys find to do while I was away? I guess Josh figured that I would wonder just that and so he made me this wonderful video while I was away:

What a sweet bunch of men I have!

Thank you, Josh, for taking such good care of my babies while I was away pampering myself and thank you to all the lovely ladies who put up with me on a (nearly) daily basis. I had a blast. You really are the best! Here's to our Caribbean vacation, 2025!


  1. Oh how nice! And what fun it looks like your good husband had with the boys while you were away. So happy you got to indulge. Mothers don't seem to do that very often right?!