Saturday, April 9, 2011

Domestic Diva though I am...

Today I am wishing that I had more refined sewing skills. Don't get me wrong, I know how to sew, I'm just not proficient at it.

I bought the supplies to make floor cushions for my boys, oh, 8 (?) months ago, and have not started on them for nothing short of fear. I'm afraid that I'm going to cut all of the fabric up, and ruin them, therefore ruining the fabric as well. And so, in my closet sits a bag full of by-the-yard canvas and heavy-duty zippers, as a monument to what could have been.

I ripped the zipper out of my favorite dress the other day before church out of frustration. Why do they make zippers that cannot be pulled past a seam, anyway? For the record, it's always been that way; it's not a recent development. I went down to Jo-Ann's and got a replacement zipper that was sure to be more durable, and thought it to be an easy fix to resurrect my dress. That is, until yesterday when I opened the zipper and looked at the instructions. Do they purposely make sewing instructions hard to understand? I was top of my class in 7th and 8th grade Home Economics, and yet, translating these ancient runes seems to be something way beyond me. What is an invisible zipper presser foot, anyway?

But none of this prepared me for my depression this morning. As I was perusing a super-cute fabric shop on Etsy, looking for fabric for a very simple, non-sewing project, I came across this:

Never ever have I wanted to make something more than this. An argyle pieced quilt. Genius! Too bad that should I endeavor to undertake this project, the supplies would sit in the same closet-rotting bag with the rest of my projects.

My craft shortcomings have never hurt me more.

Now, who wants to make me three of these?


  1. Send them my way my you not see my blog????

    Send them all my way and you got it done. I actually follow that chic who makes that quilt, and she is super sweet! This is one of my favorite designs from her.

    Or if YOU want to make it, I can help via phone, email or chat. :D Or you could make a sample of the cushion that you want with cheap fabric and do a practice run....and then with the quilt, do a block with some cheap fabric first, so you get the hang on it. Good luck!!

  2. Oh glorious "inanimate object moment?"

  3. I just attempted my first quilt :) I'm only brave enough to work on it at Andi's house because she has all of the quilting accessories that you need to make a quilt. I'm way too scared to do it on my own and fabric is way too expensive for me to buy again if I mess it up. Good luck with all of your projects! :)

  4. I'm the same. I can't sew but I have a fabulous blanket that I totally want to make for my sis 'n law. Oh the dilemmas!

  5. I think you and I are about on the same level of sewing ability, or I would offer to help. In fact, after you move to Oklahoma, you could come down for a long weekend, and we could tackle horrible sewing projects together! Whatdaya say???