Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas with the Gaileys

Last year, we started a new tradition with our children: The Gingerbread House. For a family night, we brought out a kit I had purchased at Michael's Craft Store and had a good time putting it together. At Sloan's request, we even made characters to live in the house, based on his new favorite movie, "Frosty the Snowman". Apparently, this movie affected him more than we even knew and as luck would have it, the house proved completely inedible.

A fact the children refused to accept.

So, sit back, and enjoy as we introduce you to "Sister Frinkle" and the rest of the Frosty Gang courtesy of our very Gailey Christmas; sans pants.


  1. I love SO many things about this!
    1...I can hear the Lennon Sisters playing in the background.
    2...You attempted to shoot your son with the icing "gun" once he killed Frosty.
    3...He looked so incredibly adorable as he got emotional telling th story.
    I just love that boy! So much like his mom.

  2. That was so stinkin' cute! Holy cow, when he got teary talking about Frosty melting, I almost got teary. How sweet!

  3. That was the best thing I've ever seen! SO funny!!! What a cutie!

  4. That was fantastic... Thanks for the "head's up." I got a tear or two in my eyes, but actually managed to not cry! I agree with Sami about the Lennon Sisters in the background....

  5. Love the pouty lip! Made me miss him more!!!