Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The List

I'm a terrible Mom. Let's just get that out of the way right now. I often don't listen to my children, at least not as well as I should. I still pick up what I view to be relevant verbal cues such as the words, "can I", "juggling" or "knives", but largely, I focus on what they are doing rather than what they are saying.

So when Sloan did this:

for the third time, I gave him no chance for explanation. All crayons that I could find were destroyed and crayons were put on the same "Not Until You're Eighteen"-list as stickers, Pop Tarts, and for a brief period following a sofa-involved incident: bubblegum.

So when a better mother than I happened to be around, Sloan seized his opportunity and told Grandma all about his artwork.

"It's a red birdhouse." he said, "For mine penguin."

Ah, I see. I punished in haste. Maybe only until you're twelve.

Anyone know how to get crayon off a door or Looney Tunes stickers off a banister?


  1. Seriously? Why do kids torment us?

    Crayon works best with a Magic Eraser...(You know from the company with the bald guy on the front. I am totally brain dead as to what the company name is but, I use them for LOTS of stuff!)

    For the sticker... Either getting it wet may take it off or I would use Goo Gone. It takes care of all those "sticky" situations.

    I'd make my kids try to clean it up first by themselves with a damp rag... it wouldn't take long until they were soooo sorry. Then I would explain if they promised to never do it again I would finish off the rest while reminding them it would take mommy a LOT of time away from giving them fun stuff to do. Then when they were away I would get out the Magic Eraser and be done with it almost right away! It has worked so far....

  2. magic erasers work pretty good for crayon, pen, and pencil on walls and doors (speaking from experience)As for the stickers, try some rubbing alcohol, it helps with the sticky stuff.

  3. LOL Aren't kids wonderful?? I have that same problem too. Good luck getting it out! You have some great advice above!! And Welcome to the bad mother club!! It's always nice to have newbies! (I am the president)

  4. Don't ever use Magic eraser on a wall, I tried that and it only took the paint off of the wall but left crayon. Maybe on a door it'll work???

  5. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry Brooks. But I must admit that I giggled while visualizing Sloan telling you it was for his penguin. Good luck!

  6. I've heard magic eraser works well. I have to repaint my wall this summer my little guy found a permenant marker.