Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A-Visiting We Go!

So, a few months ago, my Grandma had a few health scares. When I realized that I hadn't been back to Illinois to see her since 1997 (I am not a terrible granddaughter... I have seen her on several occasions since then, I just haven't been back east since then. I'm only almost terrible.) I booked a flight and Mason and I, in the company of my sisters and brother, were off on Grandmapalooza Tour, 2009!

Here are the highlights:

Sami and Brandon, modeling Grandma's latest garage sale finds.
She's always super generous!

Does anyone remember that scene in Willy Wonka with the lickable wallpaper?
Seriously, actually, licked this when I was seven.

Mason, waiting for our plane in St. Louis. I do think that he was as confused as he looks...

Other accomplishments:

-Eating 1 pint + 1 quart (I can't add those two measurements. Stupid metric system.) of Krekels Lemon Custard in 36 hours.

-Sniffing the air inside ALDI. Weird? I just may be.

-Nursing Mason for 3+ hours on a plane. Quite literally. (Did I use it right, Jana?)

Yeah. So, 2 full days in Illinois, and these are all the pictures that I got. Hmm. I just might be a terrible granddaughter after all. At least I've got my memories...


  1. Ha! I had fruit wallpaper in my house, and I licked it more than once! I know how the nursing on the plane goes, too. Hey, if it works, it works.

  2. Yikes on the coats. What treasures. the way...I made a comment in the post below aswell. :)

  3. Absolutely perfect usage. :) Great post - made me smile as usual.